I met Donna a couple of months out of my divorce. I was scared to death of what my future was going to be for me, and my kids. Donna walked into my life when all I saw was darkness. She believed in me when I couldn’t believe in myself. She helped me overcome my… [Read more]

Donna was remarkably helpful when dealing with my “empty nest” challenges when my son left for college. Several factors maded it an espescially intense moment in my life. She had a great insight and helped me see a path to move forward. She is very receptive and I was always comfortable talking with her. And… [Read more]


Taking the first step in finding a life coach could be incredibly scary, and it takes someone very brave to acknowledge that they may need help. A strong life coach/client relationship is crucial to your personal power and growth. It Requires a non-biased empathetic, insightful, and warm person who can offer you different perspectives into… [Read more]

I sought out Donna to assist with the changing landscape of my life. My time working with Donna has been illuminating and very positive. She has gently encouraged me to try new things, i.e., walking. As my life is changing, finding that balance of what is tried and true, v.s. incorperating something new has been… [Read more]


Donna helped me through the worst crisis of my life. Together, we analyzed the situation, broke down what could be done and what couldn’t done and when I couldn’t follow through, Donna would gently guide me down the rocky path. Life coaching with Donna has helped me see how I wanted my life path to… [Read more]

Donna has an innate ability to hear someone, not solely their words, but their meaning. She truly understands and accepts people for who they are, helps them discover who they want to be and allows them to take pride in every decision and step that they take. She has guided me through personal struggles, allowing… [Read more]


“The first and most important step in this journey of growth and fulfillment is finding exactly the right Life Coach to match your needs…and you cannot go wrong with Donna Stephens. Donna offers the perfect blend of invaluable clinical experience, deep insight, warmth, calm, strong work ethic and of equal importance, a wonderful sense of… [Read more]

Donna helped me when I felt stuck and depressed about a situation at work. Her guidance and skill allowed me to find a new perspective as well as see my role in how and why I kept getting myself backed into a corner. With Donna’s support, encouragement, and commitment, I was able to find a… [Read more]


It is sometimes extremely overwhelming to be a college student. I found that my confusion about what direction I needed to take only led to my immobilization. Donna Stephens helped me to break things down into a more realistic approach, making my decisions less stressful. Her coaching skills were supportive and professional through out our… [Read more]