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In the field of Chemical Dependency, I was the Family Therapist in an adolescent in-patient program, where my focus was to mediate between the adolescent and their parents for the mutual goal of individual and family recovery.

As the Senior Therapist in an adult in-patient program for addiction, I assisted clients and their significant others in rebuilding their trust and communication with each other while staying accountable to themselves for their own recovery.

As the Director of Counseling in a dual diagnosis program, I facilitated an increased awareness among addiction specialists and program psychiatrists of the significant link between self-care, self-medication, addiction and mental illness.

I had the privilege of completing an internship at Child Haven, a family mental health agency. While working with young children and their parents, my focus was to help parents reconnect with their children in a healthier way and make better choices to emotionally support themselves and their family.

As a School Counselor for K-6th graders, my life coach approach had been solution focused. My goals were to teach children the skills to increase their self-esteem, self-confidence and sense of belonging. These are all qualities that are necessary to establish a strong foundation for emotional, social and academic success.

Over 25 years of clinical work, and 15 years as a School Counselor have finally culminated into a life coach practice. Everything that I have achieved in my professional life serves as the cornerstone for being able to help you achieve your goals today.