Thank you for your interest in my life coaching practice. Coaching is based on an equitable relationship between a client and a coach. It is client-driven and its success is exclusively dependent upon the client’s commitment to change.

The process of coaching is to partner with a client who desires a change in his/her personal or professional life. The goal is to create opportunities that are forward focused, solution based, and supported by self-discovery, motivation, and accountability.

Clients seek coaching support to navigate through the complexities in their lives. Whether you are struggling with career choices, self care concerns, lack of motivation, relationship issues, student life pressures, or just feeling “stuck”, coaching can help you make better decisions that will lead you to a fuller, and more meaningful life! Today, many of us are seeking ways to more effectively deal with anxiety. Once identified, the relationship with anxiety can be redefined. With mindfulness training and years of meditation, I can coach my clients in their quest for greater calm ands focus in their lives. Coaching is about transformation!


I met Donna a couple of months out of my divorce. I was scared to death of what my future was going to be for me, and my kids. Donna walked into my life when all I saw was darkness. She believed in me when I couldn’t believe in myself. She helped me overcome my… [Read more]


Donna was remarkably helpful when dealing with my “empty nest” challenges when my son left for college. Several factors maded it an espescially intense moment in my life. She had a great insight and helped me see a path to move forward. She is very receptive and I was always comfortable talking with her. And… [Read more]


Taking the first step in finding a life coach could be incredibly scary, and it takes someone very brave to acknowledge that they may need help. A strong life coach/client relationship is crucial to your personal power and growth. It Requires a non-biased empathetic, insightful, and warm person who can offer you different perspectives into… [Read more]


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