Thank you for your interest in my life coaching practice. Coaching is based on an equitable relationship between a client and a coach. It is client-driven and its success is exclusively dependent upon the client’s commitment to change.

The process of coaching is to partner with a client who desires a change in his/her personal or professional life. The goal is to create opportunities that are forward focused, solution based, and supported by self-discovery, motivation, and accountability.

Clients seek coaching support to navigate through the complexities in their lives. Whether you are struggling with career choices, self care concerns, lack of motivation, relationship issues, student life pressures, or just feeling “stuck”, coaching can help you make better decisions that will lead you to a fuller, and more meaningful life! Coaching is about transformation.


Donna has an innate ability to hear someone, not solely their words, but their meaning. She truly understands and accepts people for who they are, helps them discover who they want to be and allows them to take pride in every decision and step that they take. She has guided me through personal struggles, allowing… [Read more]

–MJP college student

“The first and most important step in this journey of growth and fulfillment is finding exactly the right Life Coach to match your needs…and you cannot go wrong with Donna Stephens. Donna offers the perfect blend of invaluable clinical experience, deep insight, warmth, calm, strong work ethic and of equal importance, a wonderful sense of… [Read more]

–Loriene Honda, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist

Donna helped me when I felt stuck and depressed about a situation at work. Her guidance and skill allowed me to find a new perspective as well as see my role in how and why I kept getting myself backed into a corner. With Donna’s support, encouragement, and commitment, I was able to find a… [Read more]

–C.B., Teacher

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